Cali Grill Brunch ADRs gone?

I am attempting to modify my Brunch reservation for 7/8 from 1 to 2 people. When I go to change it, I am only offered Dinner or evening times in the drop down. I have tried from multiple devices and Cali Grill brunch is not an option on any Sunday. Is MDE being glitchy? Or is it a thing of the past? I haven’t gotten a notification that my ADR is cancelled & it still shows up on MDE.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

Did you find out? After seeing this post, I looked for a reservation for when we are thinking of going in November (date not definite so haven’t made ADRs yet) and brunch was not even listed in the dropdown as a possibility for that Sunday or any nearby sunday that I checked. Weird.

So far nothing. I need to call but work has been crazy. Everything is still only showing dinner for me like I described yesterday.

Yes I am stalking the reservations looking at CG. No bunch options available at all.

This had better not be going away.

I made a brunch ADR for 12/2 last week at my 180 day mark. I had been looking at Sundays in November leading up to my 180 days to see how availability was, and it seemed scarce or non-existent. So maybe it actually is all full?

That’s probably what it is, but it’s just weird b/c brunch is not available at all for searching for Cali Grill and it was a few weeks ago even when there was no availability–it just returned “no times available”.

I get it being full. But there is no longer even an option to search…

Cali Grill brunch reservations are back up! @OBNurseNH you can breathe a sigh of relief!