Cajun food lover

Hi everyone! I live in Montreal and though we have a ton of excellent restaurants, there is one kind of dining that we don’t have: Cajun restaurant. I love Cajun food, and hope to have a good crawfish étouffée or jambalaya on my trip. Any suggestions for a on site or off site eat?

Boatwright’s in the Port Orleans Riverside resort is somewhat Louisiana-themed. I’ve eaten there once and was not impressed. But to be honest, if you love Cajun food, there is nothing in WDW that would satisfy you. Restaurants in WDW tend to really dial down the flavor in what is supposed to be spicy food.


Thanks! Any suggestions for off-site restaurants?

Sorry, no. We stay in the bubble when we’re there.

French Quarter

I think they have a New Orleans themed restaurant at Citiwalk. You can get beignets at POFQ. Why not hit there for lunch at the QS and get their cajun food to see how toned down Disney makes it.

I think that @bswan26 is the local food expert - perhaps he will have some suggestions.

Thanks! I was planning to go to Sassaoula’s on a park free day, but I looked at Boatwright menu and was tempted. We are on the QSDP so we will be paying OOP so I wanted to know if it is worth the expense.