Cabins to Boardwalk to Disney Springs?

My daughter has a 10:30 am BBB res at Disney Springs in November. We have a reservation finder alert set for a breakfast at the Boardwalk that morning. I’m hoping for a reservation closer to 8 or 8:30. So, in the event that the res finder finds us a breakfast… what would be the route we would need to take?

We’ll be going from the Cabins, to the Boardwalk, to Disney Springs. I don’t think Uber is an option because we would need to take our carseats… quite frankly I don’t want to cart those around everywhere.

Bus from the cabins to HS. At HS walk or boat to BW. After breakfast direct bus from BW to DS.


Oh awesome! I didn’t realize that BW was walk-able from HS. I just had to pull up the map. We do Cape May often, but always take the boat. I didn’t even realize that the Boardwalk is across the water. That’s what the map looks like at least.

@PrincipalTinker gave you the best route - but the Minnie vans might be an option if you find yourself in a time crunch as they have 2 car seats so you don’t have to bring your own.

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HS to BW is walkable but not quick…probably 30 minutes depending on how fast you walk. It’s not very shaded either so it’s definitely hot if you are there during the hot times.

I had the great idea of walking instead of taking the boat from HS to Beach Club (right around the water from BW) for lunch reservations thinking it would be quicker. We were sweating trying to make it on time bc MDE stated 23 minute walk which turned out to be more like 45, and the directions on their app were not great to follow compared to google or apple maps. I was practically dying by the time we made it to lunch!

Lesson learned – I will only walk from one of those to the other if it’s leisurely with no plans that we have to be on time for!! :sunglasses:

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Oh wow! Lol That does not sound pleasant with an infant and a preschooler in tow. I will be crossing off walking from our list of available options unless we just have ample time and don’t mind a morning sweat. Thanks so much!

lol- I can walk from HS to BW in about 16 minutes so for me it is the fastest way to go. I took the boat from HS to EP my last trip because it was 95 out but I almost always prefer the flat walk.

Maybe we got lost on the walkway! :dizzy_face:

We watched the boat make better time than us which was irritating since I figured that walk would be faster like people have mentioned bc I’m by no means a slow walker, but we ended up getting to our reservation at the last second before they cancel – 15 minutes after the actual time reservation time. It’s not that I wouldn’t take that walk again - I’m just not doing it if I don’t have time to kill.

Boat every time for us

We aren’t good walkers

You must be a fast water to cover that in 16 mins?

Those boat journeys between epcot, HS and boardwalk etc are a great time to look at your plans/replan or get afternoon or evening fastpasses as well as just check your social media etc!!

Nice to sit down for 20 mins ish because you’ve likely been walking a lot before in the parks and got more walking to come the other end as well