Cabanas Castaway Cay...availability

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Dalamtion day! Woo hoo! 101 days until our cruise. Can anyone give me the likelihood of being able to get a family cabana on castaway cay? We are not platinum nor concierge level. Thank you!

Are you silver? If not Prob no chance.

Even with silver status we have not been able to get a cabana more than once. Check your sailing and see if the concierge rooms are sold out. If they are sold out then you probably won’t have a shot at all. If you’re gold you MIGHT have a shot but silver or lower, I would say not. We got a cabana on our first cruise because people in our group were booked concierge and on our second cruise we got a cabana on the adult beach. It was at about 30 days prior to sailing that it became available and I think we got it because our cruise was less than half full (We were on the Dream)

Sounds pretty dismal…lol. Checked my cruise and concierge is sold out. Oh well, i can still try right? Thanks everyone!

Well, I tried. No luck they were sold out. But I will definitely check in the hopes that maybe perhaps someone will cancel. At least I want into it without high expectations.