Cabana rental time

I would like to rent a cabana for the day at Beach Club. I am seeing some conflicting times for making the reservation - is it 6:00am or midnight at 60 days out? Any other tips?

Midnight for cabana rentals.

Anything listed under the “Enhanced Experiences” page on MDE is bookable at midnight. And for length of stay.

Ok thank you. I had read a few times that Disney phone lines are only open 7am-11pm so I wasn’t sure how I was going to call at 6am or midnight!?

So now you got me doubting myself.

I just went on and although the Cabanas are under the “Enchanted Extras”, it does say to call to book. In which case you might find the lines aren’t open at midnight.

Sorry, my bad. I haven’t actually booked them before. Hopefully someone else can confirm.

Ok thanks!
I asked the MDE app chat and they said to call at 6:00am, but then later I asked what time phone lines open they said 7:00am lol!!!

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Thank you for asking this question! I cannot find a straight answer online either. Could you update after you try to book to let us know how it went? Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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