Cabana Bay 1 day Harry Potter/ package Several Questions?

We will be in Disney April 5-11. DD18 and DH want to go to Harry Potter/Universal on April 5. We are adding a day and staying at Cabana Bay on Saturday night, April 4. There are 6 of us in this group. Only 2 will be going to Universal. As I was about to book family suite and 2 park to park tickets I read that everyone in group has to be on the same package.

I know that I can just book room, and then buy tickets. Thoughts? (I don’t know anything about universal) I cold save a few dollars with orbitz on hotel. Where to get tickets?

I have made them a tp that goes to both parks, I have them doing early start, (but only IOA has early entry during stay) <I do not know universal abbreviations-- so it’s mostly spelled out> If anyone wants to chime in on what I have them planned-- they only want HP-- if they finish early, they might catch a few other attractions(dd18 not much of a roller coaster person-- will do some, but not extremes)

this is early entry at IOA — doing HP&FJ, Flight of H then taking Hogwarts express to Studios— then HP Escape from Gringotts
this is at studios—

Also, while they are at HP, me and kids will do a bit of pool, then go to check in at CBR(disney) .

Any suggestions on cabs for the 2 to get over to CBR? (get cab at cabana bay instead of IOA?) dh doesn’t want me to leave disney parks to come and get them

Any and all ideas/ suggestions very welcome. Also, feel free to tell me what to do with dd17, dd14 and ds12 along with pool. Thank you!!!

In order for us to see the plans you must select “Publish this Plan” in the Basic Info section and post the links that it gives you there.

brlink, I swear I checked it, I’ll go back again.

Cant access your plans to see them you might need to change your settingd One day tickets are rarely discounted so just buy in advance from uni direct. This is Easter Sunday ? I would EITHER do IOA at open if it opens for emh before USF but only do FJ then take first train at 8.30 to USF to do gringotts the rest of USF and take train back again to finish IOA. The train has 2 totally different experiences and should be done both ways. OR Seth recommends leaving Gringotts until late afternoon in which case IOA at ee rd hop over to USF later then train back
Universal do not advertise changes to hours very well so look out for opening hours to change on their web site Im sure easter changed to 8 am (7ee) openings when we were there in 2013. Early entry is confirmed at check in it might include both parks or switch to USF with no notice So prepare for that.
For the non park visitors you are allowed to pool hop so leave your luggage at CB and go to the HRH pool its supposed to be very good. There is also some mini golf and citywalk is free to explore with some good food options Uber is popular at present as a transport option. Hope this helps. You can post questions on Uni lines chat also and make sure you download the uni lines app if you’ve not done already.

they were both checked, I guess I didn’t paste correctly, is this better? can you see them? IOA Studios

thank you! great info.
Can you now see my plans?

Yes Apart from doing loads more after this Skip dragon challenge until your return and go straight to hex after FJ. This is the first Easter DA has been open so it might be busier than expected so again prepare for that. Other rides they might like are (IOA)Jurassic Park if its open its a bit like splash and Spiderman for the queue if nothing else For USF avoid Minions and twister but Men in Black is similar to Buzz and Mummy is my favorite ride ever.

Men in Black like Buzz? WHAT!?!? (to quote @derekburgan)

Here’s my hit list, minus the big coasters for your party in the parks.

-Jurassic Park (wet)
-Popeye’s (wet)
-Men in Black
-Horror Make Up (more comedy than horror)

Also make sure your party sees the shows in Diagon Alley and fully explore. The shows are some of the best in any theme park.

As for you guys, the pool at cabana has a lazy river but they don’t give free floats out. Pack a few cheap ones in your luggage before you leave. Also consider checking out CityWalk and the other resorts while the other party is in the parks. Get some lunch at Antojitos or CowFish!

I’ll be in UOR on April 9th. Hope you have a blast! (And of course to chastise you some, next time you guys better go into the parks too!)

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Haha! This Universal Trip was a total add on for my graduating dd18. Originally, their Universal trip was to be a daddy/daughter in late May, but DH has decided that this added day on the front of our disney week made more sense to him (coastwise, time wise, drive wise) But, yes, one day, the whole group will go. Thanks for your help and input.

Thanks, good ideas.

What about our stay at Cabana Bay. Is it better to take family tower vs. courtyard? (as far as noise levels) TIA>

Tower will be quieter as the courtyard has a chance of opening outdoors to the pool area.

Sorry @parkscope Please forgive me should have said MIB is a shooting game like Buzz is BUT waaay cooler and much more awesome (lol)… Please don’t tell on me !!!In my defence it was very late when I posted (UK) and I was going to bed. Mx

Agree with @parkscope as tower has inside corridors all the rest open to the outside.

Thanks-- that’s what I requested.

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I requested family tower.