BYOB: Transporting your own wine and booze to the World

If you fly to WDW, you may want to consider purchasing some of these:

I posted on another thread, but thought I would start a new topic for those who didn't see it there. There are several similar products on the market but these seemed like the best deal with awesome reviews. I plan to bring a couple of bottles down with me in August, and a couple of bottles back home after Food and Wine. Can also be used for things like olive oil or vinegar. They are reusable - don't be duped into getting the single-use version.

Oh, that to be clear, this is a public service announcement - I don't own stock in this company or anything like that.

I have used similar items in the past, and they appeared to work well. I had no breakage, so I can't comment on whether or not they actually prevent leaks.

There is also the cheap and cheerful approach of bubble wrap and jumbo zip lock bags.

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Yes, another good option. The bags I bought supposedly absorb the liquid, which is what I liked about them. Hopefully, I won't have to find out if they actually work or not.