Bye to Touringplans


Well my subscription to Touringplans is up tomorrow. Have really enjoyed the forum and hope that I left some good advice - enjoy your trips!!


I’m sorry you’re not renewing. I’m too addicted to stay away! :slight_smile:


Hate to see anyone leave, we’ll still be here if you change your mind

I’ve bookmarked several of your posts, thanks!!!

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Start planning another trip!

:cry: No! Don’t go, stay and talk with us!

FYI, you can still use the forum even if you don’t subscribe.

I think only La Cava is supposed to be off limits - and I could still use it when my subscription expired in April 2015.

It’s possible this may have been tightened up since then though.

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Cool - hopefully that is the case. As much as we enjoy WDW - there are a lot of other places we want to see - so not going back for a few years. Perhaps after Avatar / Star Wars is done.


I can understand waiting till a lot of the construction has been done! Though I guess there will always be construction!

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Yeah - just waiting for something substantially new

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Go and enjoy the world (and I don’t mean WDW!)
See ya real soon :grinning: