Bye bye Minnie Vans

The news just gets worse and worse …

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This one makes me sad. Hopefully will come back. Made it so easy with little kids.


I know there were concerns that it was a department that was not making a profit. I expect Disney can not afford that right now?

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It would seem that people might use them more if there is a limited capacity on the buses. Also Disney should go back to the original fee they were charging.


I don’t know if it was a case of people not using them. We used them extensively (it was my favorite splurge) and many, many times we had difficulty getting one. They seemed to be in demand whenever we were there.

Noooooo. This would be really disappointing, we used them all the time.

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Seriously? That would surprise me given how much they charged compared to Uber/Lyft or even a regular taxi.

I wondered if it was a staffing issue. Without college program and international staff, they probably need all the local help focused on more essential services to keep parks up and running. I think water parks won’t open for the same reason.


Wonder if I can buy one. :heart:


Albeit that my sample size is just a week from last year, my drivers were all 30+ years old, were a wealth of knowledge of the park and its operation, and we among the most courteous cast members I interacted with. I was happy to pay the premium price for the service difference between Uber/Lyft drivers and the Minnie Van crew.


I think this is a false alarm.

I thought the mini-vans were way too expensive; never used cuz of cost. We used Lyft instead and met wonderful drivers and had the best conversations. and a fraction of the price.

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I used Lyft three times, had bad experiences twice. Once the driver got lost in the Animal Kingdom parking lot (not to mention the blaring music that had us cringing the whole ride) and another time, I swore the guy’s muffler was going to fall off the whole ride to Disney Springs. I know folks have had good luck with them, but we’ve sworn them off.

So sorry you’ve had a bad experience. We’ve lost count how many times we’ve used them on property and the worst experience we had was the drivers inability to speak English, but it was ok considering… we wouldn’t count it as a negative. As I wrote we’ve met and had some of the BEST conversations ever. SO many interesting people! . We will continue to use them happily :wink:

:popcorn: oh, the drama!

We strategically used Minnie Van once to get to Magic Kingdom RD since they go direct instead of TTC. It was worth the extra to sleep in a bit more and a good experience. We took Uber a couple of times with no issues (resort to resort mainly). We were at BC so walked to HS and Epcot. Bus/monorail/ferry/skyliner the rest. (Never could time the boats correctly.) It was a good mix for us.

I hope this is false or that it comes back later b/c I loved the service, although I only used it once. But once was a lot for me b/c we come so rarely.

It now sounds like this was a fake story. Disney released an official update on transportation today that said the Minnie Van return date will be announced later.

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And to think the time this troll took for this ruse, he could’ve spent curing cancer (or covid). smh



Hope they stick around! They’re the perfect solution for those with kids who still need car seats.

…and I was thinking about using them for airport pickup sometime, just for the fun factor. And because we always seem to go on a 2 hour tour of all the resorts whenever we arrive, lol.


Agree!!! Car seats are the best part for families who cant just get a Lyft.