We stayed at Boardwalk Villas last trip and we really liked it. When I went to book for next year, Beach Club was available and Boardwalk wasn’t. We love the Epcot area, so I booked a 2 bedroom at BCV. However the more I read about it and look at room options, I’m torn because now Boardwalk is available for the same price and so it’s “go with something you know you like” vs “try something new”

Pros of Boardwalk - we had a great stay, loved the atmosphere, 10 min walk to HS, 10 min walk to Epcot, had a pool view and wasn’t noisy at all plus had view of Tower of Terror and HS fireworks at night
Cons - looooong hallways, takes awhile to get from villa to boardwalk itself

Pros of Beach Club - best pool on property (but we don’t spend a lot of time at pools), shorter hallways/walk to lobby, hopefully if we request to be close to elevator, 5 min walk to Epcot, trying something new
Cons - no great room views - Epcot fireworks view is only if we are also facing a busy road, otherwise trees or parking lot views, longer walk to HS

I know I can’t go wrong since these are both great resorts. Just wondering what opinions you guys might have!

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If I have the option, I always go with BCV (but have done BWV when BCV isn’t available). But we do spend a fair amount of time at the pool so that is a big contributing factor. The slightly closer walk to Epcot also comes into play slightly. And for us, BC is home - I even have the wax melts to keep my actual house smelling like the BC lobby!

You definitely can’t go wrong with either. My friend would always pick BWV - he loves going to the Bakery every morning for breakfast and for him, that’s home.

We’ve stayed at both quite a few times. Since DD came along we’ve opted mainly for Beach Club, purely because of the pool (the Boardwalk pool isn’t zero entry, so not as good for little ones, although we did stay there once with her and she enjoyed the clown slide :flushed:).

Just a couple of things: fireworks view from Beach Club is limited to say the least, even from the top floor. You can see the ones at Studios far better from the Boardwalk. Also, length of hallways - if you’re at the end of the building at the Beach Club (i.e. by the parking lot) you will also have a pretty long walk. Now, if you’re going to the bus stop you can cut across the quiet pool area, and you can use the stairs to exit at the back of the building for the path to Epcot, but if you want to get to the lobby it can be quite a trek. Just something to think about. :slight_smile:

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