BWV Studio or YC Garden for romantic night?

Variation on what someone else asked. Romantic night for DH and I while grandparents stay with kids. Can get BWV Studio for $270/night (taxes incl) vs YC Garden view at $370/night (taxes incl). It'd be fun to check out SAB pool but realistically we're not that likely to spend a lot of time in it.
I've booked them both and will drop whichever you tell me to. smile No pressure. But just remember that my marriage depends on your sound advice, people.

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Gah! I don't have experience with either place but I know if my marriage depended on it, I'd go with the $270 a night room (I'm 1/4 Scot and DH is 1/2 Scot wink enough said!) If you aren't planning on spending a lot of time in the SAB pool, I'd use the extra $ for something else. heart

There's more to do over at the BoardWalk. And it is $100, which would find most of a nice dinner somewhere.

I loved the boardwalk. It's a great resort and plenty to do around the resort. I would choose the less expensive room and do a little extra fun. They are so similar anyway.

Have you decided yet? I will add another vote for BWV. The only thing you cannot still walk to and have access to at YC is the pool. For 100 book dinner at Captain's Grill.