BWV Room Request conundrum

While we absolutely love the Boardwalk, and are now looking forward to our December stay there, the one problem I face with that resort is making the right kind of room request. It is hard to summarize a room request there, because it seems each constraint we have is mutually exclusive with another!

This time, we had to book a Garden/Pool view, which makes matters worse. A standard view would have been easier!

Because my wife’s knees aren’t the greatest, my first priority is a second or third floor room. Anything on the fourth or fifth means using the stairs isn’t useful, needing to be being close to the elevators.

Then there is the view…we really prefer NOT to have a view of the main pool area due to concern for noise. Quiet pool is fine, as would overlooking the Swan…but those are on opposite ends of the resort. Would it be okay to make a request in the negative? Like, “NOT overlooking the main pool area.” ???

A view of HS/ToT is a nice to have, but not necessary.

So, I’m thinking to say:

  1. Floor 2 or 3 (not 1), or else near elevator, due to bad knees.
  2. NOT overlooking the main pool area.
  3. Overlooking HS ToT.

Any thoughts?

Would another way of saying that be a quiet room? We had the main pool area last summer and honestly it was fine with the door shut.

That could work, as long as the CMs know which rooms are quiet. I just wasn’t sure. I did hear that a complaint about Boardwalk View rooms is that they can be loud, due to the Boardwalk itself. I just kind of assumed the same could be true with the pool view rooms. But perhaps not.

I think maybe there are pool hours, so it wasn’t ever loud when we were sleeping at night. But also, we came back to the room almost every single day in the heat of the day and I never remember thinking the pool noise was bothersome even then. We were right on the 2nd floor right past the lobby to the right in that first or second room on the left (I think it was the first) right next to the elevators too. We’d take those down to the first floor because I honestly don’t even know where the stairs are around there and go out through the pool area to that entrance underneath to get to the boardwalk/boat dock/Epcot. It was super convenient. I one time came in the wrong downstairs door by the pool and got lost down “The Shining” like spooky halls. So, I am very glad for where our room was LOL!

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I was in this room:

Ground floor right next to the main pool. There was NEVER any noise to disturb me. I remember one nightmare stay when I was above the BC pool and the noise never stopped. This was not an issue at BW. Also, this area is close to the elevators.


Okay. Thanks. That’s two people who agree…so I guess I won’t worry about it then (the noise at the main pool).

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I think I was right above @PrincipalTinker and one room over maybe?


I love that area! My last trip we had one of those huge balconies and overlooked the village green.

I contemplated requesting one of those rooms specifically, but it seemed a bit to specific to hope for. And…not entirely sure if the balcony would be worth it for us. More of it, “Oh, wow! That’s cool! I want it!” But in practice, we’d probably sit out there once. :smiley:

I didn’t request the room! I requested a floor that didn’t have the big balconies but they gave me the one I am sure someone else requested! It was also a new type of accessible room that I have never been in before (wide empty space in one corner, lower light switches, special plugs, but small bathroom).

So, I don’t recall…is this elevator here a guest elevator? Or is this one only meant for the CMs?


The bank of three elevators down by the lobby are the ones I remember using, so I don’t recall if the circled elevator is actually available for guests as well.

I am trying to figure out where that is. Is that on the Inn side of the Village Green? There is an elevator that leads out by the village green side of FF. On the Villas side the only elevators I know of are the ones off the lobby, past the DVC store. They exit out between the laundry and fitness center to the pool?

No. That’s the villas side, basically the little wing that offshoots between the main pool and the quiet pool. (The building closest to HS.)

We just stayed there in March. I requested Rm 2123 and got Rm 2121 and loved the location! The view was of a fountain. And right across the hall was the exit to the stairs which took us down to a path to the bus stop or by the quiet pool to the walkway to HS. Location was quiet, we never heard anyone at all!

That is almost exactly where we stayed in 2020. That was a standard view. Which we were perfectly fine with. But we had to book Garden/Pool View this time.

We had a similar situation where stairs were not really an option. Our room ended up on the croquet lawn overlooking the Swan and Dolphin (Directly behind Jellyrolls) around room 1004. Nice view of the hotels and boats going by. It was quiet and shady. Although it is a bit of a walk from the lobby it was all flat and we took our time. We would walk on the boardwalk toward Atlantic Dance Hall and go in the hotel entrance door near the back corner of the hotel-there is a stairwell at that entrance as well if you end up on the 2nd fl. It was relaxing and perfect for us. It has become our preferred Pool/Garden View room.


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