BW Inn Std View Room Request Suggestions?

DH and I will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary at BW during Labor Day week. First trip w/out the kids. We booked a STD view room through MVT. I was looking at room finder on TP and there didn’t seem to be any hidden gems in the STD view category. Anyone stay there recently in STD view and have a recommendation? Not sure if I should forego making a request and just see where we end up instead.

This is Boardwalk 5274, we stayed there last month and were quite pleased. I did not make a request other than high floor, and did that through online check in. I’d heard about long hallways, but this was not that at all. maybe the upper floors don’t go as long?

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Is there a balcony? :slight_smile:

Yes. Photo taken from balcony (I’m pretty sure)

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