Buzz Lightyear (MK) vs Toy Story (HS)


The description for Buzz Lightyear and the Toy Story ride in HS seem pretty similar. Is there something I'm missing? Is it worth riding both? Which is better, if you only pick one? My DS is 5, if that matters.


I'd pick Toy story by a landslide! It is 3D, cute, much more fun and interactive. Buzz can be a bit repetitive and those darn red targetting dots are harder to coordinate and aim.


Agree, do Toy Story in HS if you are only going to do one.


Toy story is more complex, interesting, and in 3D. It's bright and fun. It is more clearly a "game".
In Buzz, you're a space-ranger shooting a gun at Z-targets that appear everywhere, including on the "bad guys". It's a darker ride and my (chicken) 4-year-old finds it a tiny bit scary. My 6 year old has LOVED it since he was 3. It takes a Photopass photo in-ride.
Both my kids love TSMM much better, but Buzz always has a much shorter line, and you can often get a 4th FPP for it.


This is going to sound weird and I'm sure there will be plenty of anecdotal evidence to dispute, but Buzz seems more like a boy ride (and slightly older boy like 8 or 10 and older) and Toy Story for both boys and girls and all ages. I think it is because Buzz seems more like a video game in many ways. I find it harder to do and can't get points to save my life but my son and husband LOVE it.

I find them similar but different. Maybe in the same way each roller coaster is different and each boat ride is different.

If you can do them both then DO, especially since Buzz is one that is easy to do, especially with FP+.


Thanks everyone! We are planning to see Buzz Lightyear at MK but I wasn't sure about Toy Story. Sounds like a resounding yes!


Yes yes yes do both!! My ds5 loves them both... They are a little similar but so much fun!


Yes, both are must-do rides for my 7yoDD and 10yoDS. And really for me too. I love that they are interactive, and I really think of them as being so different that I forget that they are based on the same movie!


They are different so I would definitely do both. I suppose I am in the minority because I prefer Buzz. It is probably because being swung around in the car between screens plus 3D makes me a bit woozy.


My five year old LOVED Buzz and chose that over Toy Story. Maybe it was because we went on it over and over again with no wait, but he seemed to like that one better. He liked defeating Zurg.

I think Toy Story is a much more visually attractive ride however.


For the life of me, I cannot get points on this ride!!!! I find it very difficult too, which makes it unfun for me.