Buzz light year space ranner spin question

We are traveling as a group of 8. Part of us will ride Buzz Lightyear and part Space Mountain. It looks like Buzz Lightyear seating is for 2 per car. Can 2 adults and a small 4 year old ride together? 4 year old is about 41” and looks more like an average 3 year old.

Yes, we managed to do space ranger spin with me, DW, and DS4 in one car with no problem! Only problem is there are only 2 laser guns. I tried to get DS4 to take one of the guns, but he just wanted to control the little joystick that spins the car anyway.

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Obviously only two people will be able to use the laser guns if you do that.

If I recall correctly though, isn’t it two in front and two behind? I’m sure the photos we have are of all 4 of us in one car with all 4 scores showing.

Edit: or not lol!

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TSMM has 2 facing one way and 2 facing the other way.

I know. But Buzz is my favourite of the two, and I was sure we had one of my winning score (the only time lol!) with the rest of them.

We love TSMM. On our honeymoon, we went to HS 2xs and rode this 21 times. We are going there on 3/13 and are doing the EMM so we can see how many times we can ride it. My wife almost always beats me.

We did Buzz with the little ones… when they were little. They loved it, but my youngest always felt bad that his score was so low. We stopped talking about the scores. But he loved using the laser. As they got older, they wanted to control the joystick, too. And their scores got better.

Thank you everyone! It would be a group of 5 and just was trying to see if the 1car front and back would work. Terp05 thank you for the picture that helps me to visualize how it would look!

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We’ve done 5. 2, 2 and 1. They usually let the single just ride alone. So, adult, child in 2 and last is adult or oldest child.

Yes, you can totally do 3 to a car on Buzz. There is no “front” or “back” on Buzz. The conversation took a detour to Toy Story half way through.

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