Buying wdw gift cards in the UK

Can you buy wdw gift cards in the UK to give to someone to take with them

The only way I know you could do this is setup a postal forwarding address where you buy from the store with a U.S. shipping address and then it automatically gets forwarded to you in the UK. There may be some locations that will ship direct to the UK or available locally in the UK but I’m not sure.

Maybe @Button, @Ellen1976, @missoverexcited, or @BigPetesWife can offer a little more insight.

You can’t get them at the Disney store so I’m going to guess not.

I’d say your best bet would be to ask a friendly liner to buy and send them to you.

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Or you could try buying a pre-loaded currency card. Wouldn’t be a gift card per say, but they could use it like one.


If you know the resort at which they are staying, you could order them and have them shipped to the resort. Wouldn’t it be a nice surprise to check in and find the package waiting on arrival :slight_smile: