Buying USD

The only reason I have to use cash in the US is for tipping — Uber drivers, bellhops etc. I’m just going to go with $5 each time, so I need a bundle of $5 bills.

Does anyone know where I can get USD and specify the denomination of the bills I get? Most seem to give you pre-packaged bundles full of nonsense like $20s and $50s.

I would ask at your bank. I’m in Canada, but I find my bank is able to get any denominations of any currency I want. I will say, when we wanted Euros, we had to order them and they took a week, so if your bank is like that, get your order in now.


Once you get to the hotel, the concierge should be able to make change for you.


With Uber and Lyft, you tip after the ride is completed; no need to carry small bills.

I agree that going through you local bank would be the best bet. And as others have said, if all you can get are bigger bills, guest services should be able to help you.

If you have a currency card, not only will you avoid those foreign transaction charges, but you can use it like a debit card and take cash out at an ATM.

Look at the Caxton fx card. Pre-load it from your current account in dollars. Then just use it as a debit card, take out cash etc. Top it up online whilst you’re there if you need to. The only charge is the initial conversion charge when you load it.

As for the cash, my local Tesco Extra (open 24 hrs) were happy to give me $5 and $10 notes.

Second all of this. I have a caxton and also get cash money from a big tesco

That adds an extra step — going to a cash machine. I was just hoping for something really simple: a wad of notes in my pocket that I peel off one at a time and dispense like candy to children.

I’ll try my bank and see if they’ll let me specify the denomination.

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Go to the bellhops as soon as you get to the resort, they are the ones with the small bills. Preferably later in the day, as they will most likely have a wad of 1’s and 5’s from the days work. Give them a few bucks for making the exchange.

you can also buy something cheap at the airport after you land, to break a larger bill and ask for singles with your change. In case you need singles before you even get to resort.

Problem solved.

I went to my local branch of Barclays and they were able to supply a fistful of $5 bills immediately.

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Make it rain!

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Now you can live out the scene you posted of Leo throwing money to the wind.

(Throw it in my direction, would you?)

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It’s my tipping money. You have to provide a service to me.

Family friendly, people! Keep it family friendly.

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Sure. I’ll be sure that any money you give me will be well spent. (Others may claim the same thing, but trust me, they will burn through it frivolously). My service to you is granting you peace of mind.

Okay. Now I’m not sure what kind of “service to me” you thought @profmatt was referring to you, but I can assure you no kittens are involved!

Too right. I’m allergic to cats. There’ll be no tipping to anyone who involves cats in the service they provide to me.

Have we not helped you enough with your planning to warrant a few five dollar bills?

Well there’s gratitude for you. Hmph.

To be fair, I didn’t just want a few, but all of them.

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