Buying tickets through third party

My husband and I are going in June this year. Hurrying to get things figured out so we can book in time to make the 60 day mark for fast pass reservations.

If you are staying on property, can you buy tickets through a third party retailer and still get the 60 fast pass reservation window, or do you have to buy tix through Disney to get the 60 day window?

Also, if you buy tickets through a third party, do you still get your magic band linked with your tickets, fast passes, room reservation and dining plan?

With third party tickets, once you link them to your MDE account you get the 60-day FPP window with on-site stays and your tickets are linked to your MB.

Magic bands are your room keys and your link to your MDE account. They mail them out after you customize them in your MDE account at around day 30. You can buy discounted tickets. You then scan the back of the ticket or enter the number into your MDE account. You need both to get FPs at day 60.