Buying Resale at Vero Beach?

There are a few Vero Beach contracts that are pretty cheap and I was looking at buying one, but I would want to use it to stay at WDW. Is this a really bad idea? What sort of availability are people seeing at the 7-month mark? Is there a way to check this availability if I’m not a DVC member yet?

The issue with Vero Beach is the dues. Since the dues are so much more that other resorts, in the long run it costs more.

You can book at 7 months, most of the year. December has been tough for almost all room types.


Thank you! I didn’t know their dues were that bad. So it’s better to just look somewhere else instead? I don’t go in December, so I’m not too concerned about that.

This is this year’s dues chart (per point). The first column is this year’s cost.

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How much does this fluctuate per year? or is it pretty consistent?.

It always increases. HHI and VB have additional costs due to insurance and past hurricane damage?

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Yeah, when I calculated it out, buying at VB or HH is a poor investment. Dues are a significant portion of ownership, and with dues so high, it doesn’t take long for the cost to exceed other properties at a much higher per point cost.