Buying milk at the resort?

We want to buy milk for breakfasts in our room at Boardwalk Inn.
I know they sell in in one of the shops on site. Anyone know how late they will be open? We’re going straight to one of the parks the first day and won’t get in to our room until almost 11:00 pm.

I think they close at 11PM. The contemporary’s did, at least. But the upside is I think they’re open at like 6 (I could be wrong about that).

You can see the opening hours on the website.

They close at 11pm, but if you need anything later than that you can walk across to the Swan & Dolphin - Picabu is open 24 hours and stocks all the essentials. :+1:

This is super helpful! I didn’t know about Picabu and we’ve been staying at the BoardWalk for several years now. Thanks so much.