Buying MB / MB+ at MCO on arrival

I want my little gang to have their MBs all set up and ready to go before we get to WDW.

We have two options. I have a British friend who will be in MK tomorrow and can buy them and send them to us. Or we can wait and buy them when we land at MCO in the Disney store there. (Can we?)

We don’t want to buy them at WDW because MB+ require time in setting up and we want to hit the ground running as soon as we arrive there. (We are doing UOR first. WDW is from day 3. So we can set bands up at the hotel at UOR some time before we transfer.)


Depends on how big a selection you want to choose from. I was in MCO in August and the stores didn’t have any MB+ and just a few solid color MB. But a new store has opened since then so they might carry them :woman_shrugging:


If someone can get them to you before you leave I would go with that option. Just make sure they all make it on the plane with you when you head this way. Someone leaving them at home would be my only hesitation about getting them before the trip, unless you’re going to manage them all yourself.

I am a massive control-freak. I’m making sure I have all the essential items before we fly.


I figured as much. In that case have your friend pick them up for you. You’re guaranteed to have a better selection.


Have you looked on Amazon for MBs? Doesn’t ShopDisney ship to the UK? The later would have the better selection.

Not MBs


Ugh - selection online looks awful. Looks like they’re trying eliminate regular MBs. The ones they have are just as much as some MB+.

well, I have no words, but I know you’ve purchased MB from etsy or ebay before too

At a huge premium with huge shipping costs.

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I can international ship super easy and cheap. I’ve learned how through pin trading and ship from home. Let me know if you would like to ship them to me and then I’ll turn them right around to you. Later today I could get some cost estimates for the shipping cost.


Hell work sucks today. I can guestimate shipling costs now.


That’s a kind offer. Let’s see what success my friend has tomorrow. She’s going to be in WDW and she has a list of preferred bands. She lives in the UK, so getting them to me will be very easy.

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:+1: shipping is more than I thought. Estimating the box size on the high end, it would be $26 for 1-4 weeks and $42 for 2-5 days :pensive:

But this kind of thing is my “thing”. I like to make shit happen, so it is a serious offer.

PS - some of the resorts have a nice selection. POPs was really good. That could be your final choice?


I love this. Could use a “you” on my work team.


I have a mug my husband got me for mother’s day one year the says “bitches get shit done” on a floral background. :joy:


I see some in Amazon but how do you know if they’re legit and going to work? It does say DisneyParl exclusive. Also, kids sizes?

My friend came through for us and found these at Disney Springs: