Buying MagicBands for non resort guests - worth extra cost?

Are MagicBands worth the cost if you are staying off site? We are only doing 3 days of parks. I thought I heard or read that you can only use them for Fastpass+ and getting into the park, not lining a credit card to it to pay for things in the park?

I believe that is true. Offsite magic bands would be just for holding electronic park tickets and fast passes. Onsite guests the magic band charges back to your room account - not just a credit card - so offsite guests would not be able to charge.

I think having a couple extra Dole Whips or Mickey Bars would be more fun (and tasty) than magic bands.

It depends- they are a pretty cool,reasonably priced souvenir. If you link an off site MB to your MDE account do you at least get to view the ride videos and photos (even if you do not purchase MM but just want to see them for a month or so?)

We are offsite and not buying them. We will use our entry tickets for fpp.

I don’t know about Memory Maker - I didn’t think about that. We didn’t purchase it during our last trip but we did enjoy watching the ride videos once we were home.

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I bought bands the last time my oldest and I went and stayed off-site. We were able to use it for entrance and FP+ and it made using the MM much easier because they just scanned the band. But, she is very prone to dropping things or setting them down and forgetting them, and old enough that mom taking care of it is “just not cool” so with the band I had no worries. Totally worth it for my own peace of mind.

We bought one band for our family, mostly just for the Memory Maker feature. And really, that was for the 7DMT video. You only get it if you have the MB. But beware, the picture you get will be of the family member (and any around him/her) that is wearing the MB. My son wore it and went in one car with his Dad, while my other son and I were in another car. They got the video and we happened to be in the corner of the same video. This year, I’ll either get my second son a MB (because they are souvenirs and reusable) or make sure we’re in the same car for that ride.

Also, if you only have the one band and have memory maker, make sure, if your party splits up, that you also have a MM/Photopass card that you can use while the other person isn’t with you.

We are going and staying at the SWAN - not getting them as it only has the park admission and FP - can’t link to CC for charges. Which I really don’t understand as you have to enter you CC for anything on MyDisneyExperience. For the cost - not worth it.

However - to ensure that you don’t have problems with just tickets - TAKE PICTURES OF FRONT and BACK so that if you DO loose them - then you can get some help. Otherwise without the #s - you are SOL

They could be a cool souvenir - but we aren’t big souvenir people - much rather spend the money on experiences than things.

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