Buying Magic bands

I have been poking around ebay looking at magic bands. My first reason was I was hoping to find a cheap used magic band so I can play with designing it before my new band comes in. I would not try and link a used band.

But then I saw some pretty awesome looking magic bands like with sorcerer Mickey on it, new in box. Has anyone done this? Is there any reason not to buy it? Should I be worried that the seller has the rf code and could maybe tap into it? Okay I am going too far now.

I would not buy a band on eBay because you really have no guarantee that it would work properly (if it’s been linked to another account before)

The fancy ones are in their box and labeled as new never used. But I remain skeptical.

Like I said the cheap used one, I do not intend to use, it is for me to try different decorating methods and see how it holds up to wear and tear. My last attempt at decorating ended up cracking and almost all of my design falling off.

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I think if you want to practice decorating, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to buy a cheap one on eBay, or maybe even just ask any Liners if they have old deactivated ones that they wouldn’t mind sending you. But for any of the fancy ones (like the Sorcerer Mickey one), I would just wait until you get to the park to buy it.