Buying Magic Bands from non-Disney sites?

I’ve about had it with the wonky Disney site- I’ve hit multiple hitches trying to upgrade my MBs for an upcoming trip. My friend told me she’s buying the bands she wants from a third party site instead and I wondered how legit their magic bands are as I saw some designs in multiple color options (i.e. Disney snacks in black, blue, red, green, or purple, etc.), which I’ve never seen before in an official Disney merchandise site.

Just remember that MBs are not transferable. If they’ve been associated before to an account, they’ll be useless to you.


Yikes! Thanks for letting me know.

I bought my daughter an Ariel one from Amazon for our 2018 trip. It was fine.

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I assume buying third party bands is strictly about the band that the center disc clicks into, not the disc with the chip itself?

In that case all you’d have to worry about is color coordinating your puck! :grin:

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You can always get a free gray one and purchase a skin on Etsy or Magic Your Band (you can even design your own)


Or a free coloured one! Last time I had red with a Cruella decal, it looked great (if I do say so myself :joy:)


I just designed my own skin on Magic Your Band. I should have it by this weekend. I’ll let you know how it looks.

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DS has got a Black Panther one from there - in case POFQ can’t find his premium one!! Mine is a Be Our Guest one from My Fantasy Bands to go on a yellow band, I got them all from there last time.

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Despite my objections, DH bought me one off of Ebay (I objected due to cost). It arrived and I had no issue linking it. It was a limited edition one that sold out very quickly.

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Including the puck?

Yes, it was all new in package.

Can you tell me the eBay vendor? That sounds like a cool family surprise. Thx whether the answer is yes or no!

I’ll ask DH and let you know!

The vendor was uniqueboutique-llc (153)

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They have some amazing decals on Etsy! Definitely check those out!