Buying Magic band for someone in the UK

Hi, I’m in the UK so I can’t buy my magic bands until we arrive. I’d like to avoid having to queue at Will Call to exchange my evoucher for the plastic tickets on my first morning. I wary of buying from eBay but I have family visiting WDW the month before us. Could they buy bands for us and bring them back to the UK? Do I then just enter the barcode into my MDE? Hope this makes sense, thanks.

There are magic bands available all over the gift shops at WDW. There are even Stars Wars limited edition bands. Your family should have no problem bringing you back a band (tell them which color). Then you can go on the MDE site to enter your ticket’s 12 digit #. Happy travels!

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Amazing. Thanks for the super quick response. One more think sorted. Thank you.

also remember that once you purchase or receive a magic band and it is activated, it stays activated until you deactivate it. This means you only need one for now and any trip you take in the future. This band will be attached to your MDE account and future trip will automatically transfer to the band or bands you have activated on your account.

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