Buying groceries

Our flight arrives at12:05 pm and we will be stopping to buy groceries before arriving at Kidani. The rest of the family arrives at 4:00 pm. Best senario would be for us to drop the groceries off between our flight and their flight, but I am aware that the room might not be ready until 4:00. Is there anyplace to store cold groceries on site while waiting for the room?

I believe the resort does have limited cold storage at bell services. Not sure if it’s just for deliveries (like from garden grocer) or if they let guests check things as well. Maybe call to confirm.

Are you set up to receive text notification for your room readiness? You may get the message saying the room is ready and not need to worry about it. But, it’s better to be prepared with a back up plan!

Thank you. I will give them a call to find out of I can use their cold storage.