Buying DL Tickets

Ya’ll Disney reservations aren’t open for the times I want to go in May. Have they been sticking to this 4-month booking window? Kind of annoying.

I’m afraid of waiting too long to buy and then getting caught in a price increase. If I buy 5-day tickets, can I book for whatever dates are available, then change my reservation dates later? What is the expiration these days?

Also, can I upgrade a ticket to an AP in the app now (if those ever go on sale again…)?

Thanks in advance!

I found this expiry notice. I’m struggling to get back into the Disneyland mindset. So if I book tickets now, I can just change the dates later online, right? No calling required since I would still be within the expiration window?

I booked my tickets as part of a stay at Grand Californian. Then I just waited until the park reservations opened for my stay. The ability to book park reservations was at the 4 month mark.


Yes - you can change reservations easily online as long as it’s within the expiration window of the tickets. We changed our dates after I’d bought tickets and made reservations and it was easy.

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I just bought my tickets! I’m convinced they’re going to raise the price of Genie+, probably ticket prices too. Wanted that all locked in for my May / June trip.

It’s getting real! :confetti_ball::fireworks:


I haven’t decided if I am going to buy Genie+ for my trip starting January 30. The idea of paying for what used to be included (FastPass) really annoys me. I figure, we will see how bad the wait times are on our first park day, a Monday, and then decide. I am leaning towards buying it for our last park day, a Friday. I may buy Individual Lightning Lane for Webslingers.


I’m having a hard time deciding between buying tickets now (don’t really want to put out the $) or booking a package to lock in pricing since I’m not 100% on dates or hotel yet. My trip isn’t until November (if I’m lucky) so I have time.

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Yeah, that far out it probably makes sense to wait or maybe book a package (I don’t like packages though cause you don’t get the best pricing on anything). At a certain point the losses on having that money tied up outweigh the savings you get by preempting price increases.

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My two cents: You don’t need Genie+ every day, especially if you have park hoppers. Between the two parks there are only 19 G+ attractions. You could probably get through all of them in one day, two if you want to repeat some.

If I had it every day, I’d fear missing out on the smaller attractions and entertainment. It kind of lead me from one G+ attraction to the next, trying to maximize value. This could of course change if more guests start purchasing G+, which would push out return times.