Buying additional day ticket at WDW

Once upon a time (!) if you decided at the WDW park that you wanted to come back for an additional day you could get a pretty good discount at the park. Do they still do that? We aren’t sure how many days we want to visit WDW.

You can add days as long as you haven’t used your last day yet.

So, if you want to add days, and you have 4 day tickets…add them by day three.

Has this changed recently? I ask because at Disneyland you can add days / upgrade on the last day of your ticket.

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I am not certain about the last day. I just thought it was before you used your last day…but maybe that includes the day of as well.

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My question is really about the discount. If I buy a one day ticket and decide while at the park that I want to come back for a second day, do they offer a discount on the second day?

You will pay the difference between a one and a two day ticket. The discount really applies to longer tickets (5 or more days?).

I don’t think they offer a "discount’ per se, but since you are paying the difference between the ticket you have and the ticket you want, and because incremental days are less expensive the longer the ticket, it will be far less to add a day than if you bought a 1-day ticket outside the park.

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The only thing is I think you lose the prepay discount. If you are going from 1 to 2 days it might actually cost more to add the day than to buy the 2 day right away ? Of course I just bought two 2 day tickets this morning as a Christmas gift and it is crazy expensive!

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I think you do lose out on a little by trying to add days vs buying discounted for the same number of days, so you are sacrificing savings in exchange for potentially not having to buy the extra day at all, which is definitely cheaper lol.

Ah. I took discount meaning cheaper than buying another single day.

You just pay the difference between your X-day ticket and your desired X+1-day ticket. At 5+ days its not much to add a day. At 1+ days its not such a great deal, but generally better than buying a new 1 day ticket, unless your original 1 day was some awesome discount.