Buying a frozen Magic band

It sounds as if you can now buy the frozen magic bands without having a ticket to attach it to. If this is the case I would happily pay for the items plus shipping if someone is willing to pick them up for me!! Lisa

I would probably need to Elsas one Anna and one Olaf

The only article that I saw that mentioned selling non-attached MagicBands said that it specifically excludes the Frozen ones, which must still be attached to an account at time of purchase. Have you seen any info elsewhere to the contrary?

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Okay!! Good to know. At least that means maybe they won't sell out before we get there wink I didn't know those were excluded!

I have no idea if they have any in stock at the moment, but when we bought an Elsa one for the kiddo, they mentioned that they aren't limited edition and so they should have them for the whole event.

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