Buy toddler sneakers in park?

Where can I get a pair of toddler sneakers in the park or near the Boardwalk? My almost-3 year old was on Toy Story Mania with his grandmother earlier today when the ride shut down for about 20 mins. He lost interest in sitting still so ended up tossing a sneaker overboard. Ugh. Instead of retrieving it, one of the ride attendants gave us a voucher for a pair of sneakers. Haha! We aren’t planning on going to Disney Springs this trip but will be at AK, MK, EP and are staying at BWV.


That’s hilarious! Nice of them to give you the voucher.

I’d think the hotel gift shops may be your best bet, but you might be stuck with flipflops or some kind of water shoes unless you go to Disney Springs. Good luck!


Any chance you’re an Amazon Prime member? Could you over night a pair to your hotel?

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Right?! I couldn’t believe they gave us a voucher. He’s a quick little bugger and my mom had no chance stopping him from tossing the shoe. Haha. He can’t stop talking about “leaving his shoe in Buzz and Woodys house” so, unfortunately, that might be the highlight of his first trip to Disney. Ughhh!


lol - just make sure he understands that leaving a souvenir isn’t a good thing to do all the time.

My DS had to pee on the side of the road once (traffic and potty training) and he thought it was so much fun he designed emergencies for himself so he could do it again. Luckily, at 3, we were still much smarter than him and caught on after the first rest stop where he refused to go.

My point is kids sometimes think things like that are worth repeating. But if he does, you’ll have a story to tell at his wedding. :wink:


I remember one of my kids losing a ski under several feet of powder and being rewarded with a ride down the hill on a ski patrol snowmobile. :roll_eyes:

I hiked up and found it in the summer, though. I knew where that sucker was and I wanted it back!


Did he at least toss it at one of the targets? :joy:

Kid’s sneakers are hard to find in the parks from my experience, we once accidentally only brought slip ons for my daughter which were not comfortable to walk in. We couldn’t find any proper sneakers in Epcot or MK, so in the evening I drove to buy some. Aside from Disney Springs, there are New Balance and Nike outlets about 12 minutes away from the Epcot area. I had to consider her walking all day, with a smaller kid if you are ok with some sort of sandals, you might have more luck within the resort

I love this. :heart_eyes: :

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No advice but this is priceless.

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Thanks for sharing this is so funny.
My son loved to drag his feet in the stroller and tore the sole off his shoe in Epcot and the best we could do to replace them were some light up crocs.
He loved them and they had a back strap so it was ok.

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