Buy MagicBands?

We are staying at the Dolphin / Swan, considering buying magicbands, opinions on whether it is worth it?

i was thinking it would be helpful for at least the kids so they dont lose their tickets…


This is a frequent question, and the consensus is no, don’t buy them. You really don’t use them that much. (park entry, and FPP entry), so you don’t get much value for your money. Just hold on to everyone’s tickets yourself and distribute them when necessary, or go to the dollar store and buy lanyards.

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Agree with^^^ didn’t need them with old fp don’t need them now. We are offsite and not buying

I loved having my MB which I purchased from an offset visit. I would say yes if you have the budget. A thousand times yes!!! Pick out your favourite character and enjoy! But they are expensive so think of it as a souvenir/keepsake of your trip. You will use them only for FPP and the park entrance but they are oh so cool!!!

The only reason I would buy them if I was staying offsite is because I could buy the special MBs that I would probably feel guilty buying if I got the plain ones for free.

But there really is not point to them if you are staying offsite, unless your kids are going to be jealous that a lot of other kids will be wearing them.