Button limit?


Random question..is there a limit to buttons that the hotel front desk will give out? I only ask because when we go in September it's my wife's birthday that month, my six year old's birthday that week, my three year old's birthday that week, our ten year wedding anniversary, and my daughters first visit lol. Just curious!


They will give everyone a button, that's not a problem. But like everyone will have their button with their thing on it. So your the birthday people will have birthday buttons, you and your wife can have anniversary buttons, daughter can have first visit button. A funner place to get celebration buttons (or more Celebration buttons!) is City Hall in the Magic Kingdom. They are awesome, and hand write whatever you want on a button, for everyone. On your left as you enter.


When we go in October, just my husband and I, it will be his first visit, his birthday month and the trip is to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. I plan on getting all the buttons!!! Lol


A tip on the button that they taught us at the Contemporary when we arrived - have them put a piece of clear tape over the writing - it preserves it a little better and prevents smudging! We also had to go and get replacements when my niece's graduation button went flying off on RNRRC - never a problem.


I've actually found that if one member of your party is getting a button they will try and find an appropriate button for everyone else to have too! So this is absolutely not an issue.


Thanks everyone! We will have plenty of flair for the week then!