Busses at Caribbean Beach

We’re doing a short (four night) stay at CBR. We normally rent points and stay at BWV or BCV for a week. Our plan is to mainly spend our time in the parks so I’m thinking that the best possible room for us will be the best location for bus pick up/drop off. First of all, is there anything else I should consider about the rooms at CBR? Second of all, what recommendations do you have that will make our stay more enjoyable?

We stayed at CBR in 2014 and each section of buildings have their own bus stop. So there is about 7 for the whole resort. What I liked about it was they were close to your room but sometimes the bus would be full before reaching your bus stop. And they are a bus stop with benches so no line. Sometimes you really had to fight the crowd just to get on the bus.

Another thing to consider is the main building where the restaurant and gift shop are could be far from your room. We ended up in the Aruba section… I think building 52 so we had to cross the beach and water to get to the main building for breakfast or fill up our mugs.

It is an absolutely beautiful resort!

I just stayed at CBR last week and despite reading many horror stories about the busses, we had a pretty easy “commute”. Jamaica was the first on and first off for most of my trip (we were in jamaica 45, close to the foot bridge to old port royale and close to the bus stop). Only once were we not the first pick up stop and that one time, the bus went around the entire resort before leaving. That was one time though, out of probably 12+ times on the bus. Our first 3 days we didn’t wait more than 5 minutes for a bus, and those dates were typically early morning to make rope drop. Days where we went back to the hotel for a quick break and wanted to get back to the parks - is where we had trouble with times. They don’t seem to run as often during the day as they do in the morning.

On our 4th day, we waited about 15 minutes, 5th day about 15 minutes as well. Going / coming back. The service kept getting worse as our trip went on which was comical because at first we kept saying how great the busses have been. I think we jinxed ourselves!

Would a rental car been easier? I can’t decided is we should/need a rental car…I really hate waiting on buses and like to get to where I’m going. Any suggestions or things you would have done different? I’m staying at CBR in September.