Busier: MKL or President’s Day?

Hi everyone! If you had read my previous thread, I was trying to fit in a trip if I could, that would be on a W-Sun. I had been previously looking at possibly late January or early February.

Now, I’m thinking the W-S after MLK, or President’s Day. Are the parks usually busier one holiday or the other? Is there something I’m forgetting that would impact a decision if you were choosing one of these times?

If we went, it would possibly be two adults, and we aren’t planning on staying premiere to get express passes because we want to plan another trip possibly in May or June, and we want to save for that, lol.

Thank you!

If you’re visiting Wednesday to Sunday, I would lean towards January 19th after MLK. With Presidents Day being a ‘bigger’ holiday, more people seem to stay for additional days after the holiday Monday.

One difference is, you are likely to have a cooler day or 2 in January (60’s) compared to February.

Certainly no need for UEPs Wednesday to Friday. All Saturdays and Sundays at universal are pretty busy, even non-holidays. I would just plan on doing different things on the weekend and stay away from the handful of headliners with the long waits.

Oh, the hotels are definitely cheaper in January!

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You could also check local school calendars in FL to see how many school districts have those holidays off. Many districts will have one but not both off. That could contribute to a regional/state park attendance bump w/ families taking advantage of a 3-day weekend.

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Up here in the north, MLK day is always an off day. But surprisingly, Presidents day has actually turned into a snow makeup day in our district.

I think OP is referring to the week and weekend after the holiday Monday? But still, maybe some families would stay into the week when that Monday is no school?


Oh, I get that. I saw a lot of families in the park after a 3 day weekend recently and assumed they extended their time. I kept wondering why all these kids weren’t in school :joy:. And another liner told me that Miami Dade schools had a fall recess. I had never thought to check district calendars.


We live in Georgia and LOTS of school districts here take off the entire week of Presidents Day. Not so for MLK.


In Massachusetts, President’s week is February vacation week. Resort prices are through the roof so far for that week!

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So, I found a link for all the school calendars in FL (I’m not going to click on all of them) Florida School Calendar 2021 and 2022 - PublicHolidays.com Then clicking on MLK and Prez day. the chart says Prez day is national everywhere but … FL. I don’t know what that means President’s Day 2021, 2022 and 2023 - PublicHolidays.com

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You are all awesome! Thank you for these great tips! I’ve never gone at either of those times, but went in December. Weather wise would it be similar or colder?

January is similar or a tad cooler.

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