Buses for leaving BW late (possibly even at close)

For (at least) one of my days, the rough plan is to close out either HS or Epcot and walk to BW where we’ll then spend some time there. This might end up leading to being at BW after the parks are closed and thus I’m wondering what the procedure is to get back to the Contemporary?

Obviously, a taxi or independent lyft/Uber (and Minnie Van until 12:30AM) are available to use, but I’m wondering if there are buses available departing from BW? I’ve read there’s a bus departure at 2AM (when BW closes), but the information is kinda old so was hoping for a more up to date insight.

You could always hop a bus to Disney Springs - transfer - and hop a bus to Contemporary from there.

Springs closes before boardwalk, I believe. DS closes down at 12Am. Even still, does that mean that there’s buses leaving BW at various times after park close?

Someone gave this link awhile back http://www.ourlaughingplace.com/aspx/twiz.aspx#.WmJXd66nHIU just plug in where you are and where you want to go and it will tell you what your options are.

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Just be careful with that link - it’s not always updated in a timely fashion.

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Transportation is from the resorts at the Boardwalk and I have never seen a park bus well after closing. I would plan a Minnie Van or Uber/Lyft.

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I think this is a perfect example of the issue with this wizard. I laugh every time I see Richard Petty driving experience. My major issue is that it lists a bus to TL? There are no buses from BWI to TL.


I was about to ask this EXACT question. I have a 10:20 B&C reservation just to use snack credits. Great info.

Thanks but it looks like that only works for the “now”. I’d have to stay up until 12AM to see if there’d be anything available, and obviously things could change between now and then. (but still might try that tonight haha

Boooooo. It’s weird Disney would have this stuff open with no way to reliably leave the area, but no big. Looks like the Minnie Van/Lyft/Uber will be the best bet if we end up staying too late.


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