Buses for early entry rope drop?

Hi, we are staying onsite at the Yacht Club. We’ll have to take a bus to MK, and plan on taking advantage of early entry. How is the bus situation in the morning? How long do you wait for a bus, will they get you there in time to enjoy early entry, are they packed that early in the morning?

Check this spreadsheet that is maintained and updated often by boots on the ground

Find the Transportation tab and then scroll to your resort. You’ll see earliest noted bus pickup times there


Also, I wanted to apologize if you’re not getting a ton of replies or if the ones you do get are slow in coming. Folks are distracted the last few days. Things should be back to normal around here starting about Wednesday this week!


Saturday this week we were at Riviera and got to the MK bus stop at about 7:20 and I’m pretty sure we missed the first bus because one didn’t come until maybe 7:45. We got to the MK by 8 and breezed through security and taps and we’re about 40-50 people deep at the rope to Fantasyland. So I’d recommend being at your bus stop for a presumed 7:15 pick up if you want to be at the front of the crowd.

May I ask why?

I’ve heard that the idea is to have a bus arrive every 20 minutes, starting on the hour. We try to get to the bus stop about 5 minutes before the bus might arrive.

I’ve also heard buses can start 90 minutes before a park opens. If the park is to open at 8:30, we’ll likely be at the bus stop by 6:55.

Buses at Disney are not an exact science. :blush:

Many of the most active participants in this forum are at WDW right now for an Epic Liner Meet, and many of the stay-at-homes are avidly following their live trip report, so they’re all kind of distracted. :grin:


Oh - totally missed that one. At least it’s a good reason.

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I would plan on the first bus being about 90 mins prior to early entry. This was our experience the last several times we stayed. :blush:

On chat I’m reading reports each morning of first busses arriving at resorts and taking off to the parks about an hour and a half prior to ETPE.

@popupcamper is keeping track of the chat intel-

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If you need a question answered fairly quickly regarding current park intel-try the WDW Chat feature under WDW Tools-

Thanks for the info everybody!

Yes. I hate the lay out. It boggles my mind they people still use this. It’s so antiquated with no search feature or anything.

I was looking at Boardwalk earliest times to MK and it’s blank. Is that from a lack of data?

I would guess so. It’s purely user driven and edited

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