Bus transportation from POR to Animal Kingdom

Was looking at the Our Laughing Place transportation wizard and someone left a comment stating that the bus from POR to Animal Kingdom now has a stop over at Blizzard Beach so it adds another 20 min to the route which would make it 46min. Is this correct? Seems strange to me but anything is possible. TIA

I saw the same thing reported on portorleans.org, though they said from the last POR pickup to AK should be 20 min. Seems odd to me as well.

@rebeecky glad I’m not the only one. Hopefully someone can chime in and shine some light on the transportation to AK from POR.

Well, we are currently staying at Port Orleans French Quarter. We took the bus to Animal Kingdom on Saturday and the bus went straight from our resort to the park. However, Blizzard Beach is currently closed for refurbishment.

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Yes, I seen it was closed now. We will be there in February and Blizzard Beach will be open then so wondering how much time to allow for traveling to Animal Kingdom. According to the transportation wizard it doubles the time so it would make a difference. But thank you @iso_amalia for the information.

I believe that this was always the case in the past? The water parks do not have their own buses so at POR you would take the AK bus to BB, and the DTD bus to TL? They then changed it for a few years where the WP buses all went through EP, didn’t they? Maybe it is back to the old way?

I am at POR right now and did not pack my UO. Does TP have those resort travel charts anywhere online? I saw the OLP thing, too, but knew that wasn’t accurate with BB closed for refurb.

We are headed to AK tomorrow morning for 7:00 EMH. We will be at the West Depot. To get to the park with some time to spare (in case they open a little earlier than 7:00), I am thinking we should be at the bus stop @ 6:15?

This is the chart you were looking for?

I was going to say I think you should be at the bus stop by 6:00. I think it may be the quicker time (closer to 33) but you need to plan for up yo 50 or so minutes and with the new security I think it should be 6:00.