Bus Transit Times Poly to DHS and AK

Next September, we will be flying for the first time and don’t plan to have a vehicle. We normally drive from Poly to DHS and AK, so this will be the first time we would need to use the bus. To make RD for those parks, how much transit time should we plan for?


I always plan a little more than an hour. For a 9:00 RD I plan on being at the bus around 7:50.

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Great - thanks!

Maybe this site could help you what to do for time or see how long it take you from one place to an other.


That is a great tool but for RD make sure you give yourself time to miss the first bus, get through bag check and then through the turnstiles. You may get to the park before 8:30 but you need the time!

Thanks…this is a great tool.