Bus System at CSR as bad as CBR?

I am debating a stay at the new Gran Destino tower for my upcoming September trip. However, I stayed at CBR on my most recent trip and can not do a bus system as bad as that on back to back trips. I know that CSR has multiple stops on property as well, but is it as bad as CBR?
The other resort I’m considering is Port Orleans - French Quarter…which is another resort I’ve never stayed at (well, I stayed at Dixie Landings…)
Thank you!

Bus service at ANY resort is always hit or miss. I have always had great bus service at CBR, not so much at the other mods. When I stayed at CSR years ago it was not great. Other people’s experience varies as well. (I stayed at POFQ this past fall and hated the resort. But service was fine, but New Orleans just doesn’t do it for me.)

Kind of like restaurant reviews - you will find people who have always had great service and food and people who have always had horrible service and food at the same restaurant.


I stayed preferred at CBR in December and had no trouble with the bus service. The only issue was coming back right after Fanstasmic! and we only had to wait one extra bus.

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To clarify, I have stayed at CBR in the past and had no bus issues. This trip though (in March), we were out in Trinidad and on multiple mornings (even PPO Breakfast mornings) full buses were just passing us by. They had CMs at every stop basically standing there to get yelled at apologize to people…I felt so bad for the CM every morning. They would write down and radio in how many people were waiting at each stop for which park…but Disney wasn’t actually doing anything about it. To me, it would’ve made sense…in the morning…to rotate which stop you start picking up at.
I like to plan the daylights out of my trip…but once I get there, I have a pretty laid back vacay attitude and am very willing to let my plans change. I know that if something goes wrong that is caused by Disney, they’re going to fix it. I had no problem calling to move my breakfast reservation and FP the morning we waited an hour and a half for a bus (we should’ve just taken an Uber, but we kept getting promised the next bus would have room). I just can’t watch all these other people get so stressed out by this sort of thing and absolutely meltdown…I kind of absorb their stress and it really throws me off.

We stayed at CSR in June and the bus service was fine. We tended to manage the bus stop we used by whether we were coming or going.

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Just a thought - with the Skyliner you’ll only need to worry about buses to parks soon at CBR.

So, so true…and I’m very excited about the Skyliner! Unfortunately this trip end on 9/24…so no Skyliner for me yet.