Bus service from Port Orleans Riverside or Art of Animation

Hello! I’m trying to decide between Port Orleans Riverside (a royal room) or Art of Animation (Little Mermaid room). Both are in our budget, and I want to go with whichever has the “better” bus service to the parks. Any comments or suggestions or advice? Vacation will be mid-June… Thanks!!

There is no “better” bus service at any of the WDW resorts. You can have great bus karma one day, not so good the next. In general, the resorts that share buses may take a little longer to start their journey to the park, but if you have good bus karma the lack of wait will cancel that out anyway.

We were at SSR in April (for two weeks) and had great bus karma every day except for one. That one day we waited over 30 minutes for our bus to MK. On the other hand, I went on a week long solo trip a few years ago and stayed at BWV. Awful bus karma every day. Waited at least 15-20 minutes every morning. Our previous BWV stay we’d had great bus karma with very short waits.

In short, please don’t base your resort choice on people’s perceived bus wait times, as they will vary from day to day.

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