Bus question for today

Some of my family doesn’t want to go to typhoon lagoon today. They want to go directly to DS where the rest of us will meet them later.

They both open 10AM.

if we all head to TL, could the two who don’t want to go to the water park catch a bus to DS?

Good question. TL and DS are within walking distance of one another…although I’m not sure if there is actually a walking path. I am not sure if there is a bus that goes between the two…I think sometimes they share a bus.

Maybe we just drop them off.
Thank you

Yeah, that doesn’t work for me. I want a full report. They’re just going to have to go.

Unless they’re doing the balloon thing or water car thing at DS. I will accept reviews of those in lieu.

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Ok. But my group is already 2-3 times larger than the average sample size….