Bus or Uber to MK RD from BW?

We are actually staying at Dolphin for the first time but heard transportation is better at BW. I was looking at the handy dandy liners spreadsheet with earliest bus times. If that is accurate 7:14 is the earliest bus to MK which would get us to the park around 7:30. Is this early enough if we want to be at the front of the pack for a 7DMT RD or should we Uber and try to get off at Contemporary?

Doing the Uber thing is risky as you may well be turned away and sent to TTC, costing you time rather than saving it.

For most parks, Uber works really well. But for MK, the bus is always the answer.


You will not have a stroller? To get from the Boardwalk area up to the buses is more challenging with young children at the Boardwalk (not an issue at YC and might be closer to the Dolphin). Bus transportation from the EP area resorts should start at least 1 hour and 15 minutes before early entry and should be early enough to get towards the front .


Perfect. All adults and teenagers so walking is fine. If yC is closer we will do that. Thanks!

As you leave the Dolphin by Bluezoo, take a left once you cross the bridge. The YC lobby “feels” closer to me.


Thanks for asking this question! I was thinking of taking an Uber to the MK as well, now I am revising my plan to take a Minnie van. We are staying at Coronado Springs and I don’t want to get up at 5:00AM to get to MK for early entry rope drop.

Can you elaborate on this? We are doing a BW/BLT split stay in the fall and as much as I wanted to leave MK until the second half I don’t think we will be able to hold off. So at least one day we’ll have to take the bus to MK from the BW. Thanks!

From the rooms you will be fine! You can find an elevator or get to the lobby floor and walk out to the bus. The only way I know to get from the Boardwalk area (coming from Swan/Dolphin) to the busses is either go up a large staircase or find one of the two elevators (one near the FF side or the other off the main pool).

As a guest, it is not difficult; but someone arriving for the first time to the resort from that side of the resort it could be challenging- my personal opinion.


Ah, gotcha! Thank you. I see what you are saying about the actual Boardwalk itself. Those stairs are intimidating.


But wouldn’t YC bus stop be closer?

Of course I get a little cranky as a dues paying DVC member.

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