Bus, or car?

We are renting a room in June at Dockside just for the early park entry. We will be checking in before the extra hour, so like 6AM or so. I know they offer a bus, do you think it would be better to take the bus or drive our car over? I am not worried about the parking costs, I have an AP that includes parking, but I wasn’t sure if the bus would be more convenient or get us closer than parking in the garage?

Both shuttle bus and car will take you to CityWalk but I imagine bus will be more convenient. It’ll drop you off at the escalators leading up to security checkpoint for CityWalk. If drive you’ll have to park and walk to end up at the same spot.


The busses are supposed to start running 1 hour before EPA (2 hours before official opening). If that’s correct, seems like the best option.

Parking garages open at that same time too.

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Are they doing daily temperature checks at Dockside? And would that bypass the temp check at CityWalk? It may be worth busing so you aren’t waiting with people parking if that’s the case.

They’re doing daily temp checks and that bypasses the temp checks at the entrance rotunda.

Take the bus, it’ll be quicker.


They do. But as of yesterday they aren’t requiring temp checks of anyone

We stayed at Surfside in August. The bus was very efficient…much nicer than driving ourselves.

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Is valet parking up and running again? How close would that get someone?

Joe did an article in January and didn’t mention that it is not available.

“Guests arriving from Valet Parking have their own security scanning at ground level and bypass the Entrance Rotunda.”

Valet is not yet available BUT when it is it’s the “closest” option. You bypass the entrance rotunda security and enter close to CityWalk.

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Yep, I remember that it wasn’t available yet.… but w/ everything changing I’m wondering when it will be reinstated… that’s all

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