Bus/monorail schedule for early ADRs

OK, I know I have read this a million times as I have been planning for this to for months and now that it’s 4 days away I can’t remember anything. Ugh. So please indulge and remind me- best way to get to 8 am ADR for a 9 am park opening at MK, EP, and HS from CBR. Thank you!!

There should be a 6:30-6:45 pre ADR bus. Or Uber. Talk with bell services to confirm the bus the night before.

I’ve never had trouble catching an early bus for an 8 am ADR. It seems like I just went out when I was ready, maybe at 7:15, and a bus was there. However, I’d have the Uber app installed and ready to go as a backup plan, just in case you get to he bus stop and no buses show up after a reasonable wait.

Uber is a great plan but remember uber drops at the ticket center for MK so you still need some time to grab the monorail or ferry.

I have the same concerns for the ADRs for my upcoming trip. Uber isn’t really an option for us because we have 4 small children that would need some sort of car seat.

Yes. Good point. I was thinking Uber to Contemporary and then walk, but that still takes extra time. The buses are the best option, in my opinion.