Bus frequency?

Staying at BW in a few weeks. We have FPP for our major rides, so not exactly RD per se, but would still like to get started with our TP about that time. how often are the buses? If I want to be at MK by around 9, when do I need to be at the BW bus stop?

Buses start running 1 hour prior to park opening. “Theoretically”, buses come by roughly every 20 minutes. But I’ve seen them 10 minutes apart and 45 minutes apart. My personal rule of thumb is to be at the bus stop 60 min before the time you want to be at the park - especially if it’s for a 'set" time such as RD, and ADR, etc.


For an 9:00 opening, MK allows everyone to enter Main Street at 8:00. I would be at the bus stop no later than 8:00.

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I concur with the above advice. We always plan to be at bus 1 hr before we want to be at any park.

You know, one of the advantages I always saw about staying on property was that you could use their transportation and get to where you wanted to go faster than driving off property. But the recent post about the time spent on the monorail and now this makes me realize that perhaps staying off property as we have always done is better. Even when we stayed at a rental home that was 27 minutes from the driveway to the parking lot, that is faster or as fast as times reported here. (The exception, perhaps, being MK if you are staying in one of the Monorail resorts.)

One year we went to Disney springs and decided to just take the buses instead of drive to one of the parks. Since Disney didn’t offer a direct bus to the parks from DS, we had to take a bus from DS to a resort and then transfer to another bus. All told, it took 1 1/2 hours to get from DS to the park. We should have just driven, but we had hoped our kids would experience a little “Disney Magic” by using their transportation instead of just driving since we weren’t staying on property. Big mistake!