Bump Up FPP on the app while in the park

While you are in the park…if you complete your 1st FPP early in the window, can you go to the app and bump up your 2nd FPP is it’s available? (even though it would be in the earlier window but your already rode)

No. The system will still have you wait until your current FASTPASS window has closed.

Thanks. Is that also true for your 3rd one? Or at that point you can go to the kiosk and book at 4th?

You can book your 4th FPP only after all three of the advanced ones are either used or expired.

You can change your FPPs at any time, but the system won’t let you overlap the times. Example: your 7dmt FPP is for 10:00-11:00. If you ride right at 10 am, you can update your FPPs, but it won’t give you any times earlier than 11am because that’s when your window ends. You won’t be able to get a 10:30 time for example.

It goes for all FPP, even the extras.

You can go to a kiosk immediately after using your 3rd or 4th, but any availability will be for after the return window.

I hope that makes sense. Lol

Sorry @DarthDopey, but you are wrong about this. Say I have FPP reservations at 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00. If I hit the first one at 9:00 and have passed the second tapstile at 9:10, then I can go onto MDE and try to move the second FPP reservation to an earlier time, as I will no longer have an overlap. The same thing holds for the third reservation - one I move or use the second, I can try to book it earlier. Several Liners have reported being able to use their initial 3 FPP in under an hour and book their 4th.

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Thanks!! I had no idea. I’ve tried for people with no luck. I’ll give it a try this week!!

Well, maybe they have changed things, but it definitely worked before. Give it a try and report back to us! :slight_smile:

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If your 3rd is at- say- 1pm, you could ride and have a 4th by 1:15ish.

Yes, I second what @Sam2071 said. I am pretty sure from everything I have read in chat and on KTP that once you use one you can bump the next forward. Haven’t tried it myself, but am planing this strategy for our trip in a few weeks.

it could very well be that the availability just wasn’t there and not that it couldn’t be done and maybe that’s what got me confused. Thanks everyone for setting me straight!! I’ll report back soon. I get there in 3 days!!

Yes, please report back. I’m interested to hear if it still work. Thanks for you help all!