Bump up FP window?

Assuming there are FPs available, am I able to bump up my FP window for an attraction as soon as I use my previous?

For example:

If I currently have:

  • The Seas With Nemo 9-10
  • Turtle Talk 10:05-11:05
  • Living With The Land 11:25-12_25

Say I use my Turtle Talk FP at 10:05, can I log onto the app and change my Living With The Land to a slot like 10:30-11:30?

I understand that MDE doesn’t allow me to overlap FP times but I’m hoping I can attempt to move them once the previous is used. Hope this question makes sense!

yes you can

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You absolutely can! I used that trick a lot on my most recent trip.

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I found it interesting that the “BEST” match for my FP were always later in the day. I could always move the fast passes earlier in the day so that I could get the 4th FP sooner. I really really really hate the whole FP thing now. I am a huge planner - but I feel that WDW has SCHEDULED the fun out of my vacation


Yeh, I don’t think MDE has ever proposed the best FP choices for my family - but I understand that the site caters to millions and they just have to offer what is available and when most might use them. Luckily I am able to modify as much as I want and make the FPs match up with my ideal day.
I’ve never really understood the complaints that WDW has scheduled the fun out - I figure that FPs are optional so if scheduling isn’t your thing or if the available FP times don’t jive with your plans, they don’t need to be used.
For me, planning is half of the fun and I like exploring all of the options. I also like having a visual framework of my day so that I can maximize my time/money spent on this family vacation. I make TPs (which are just a framework and aren’t followed to a T), schedule FPs, book ADRs, etc. but I also factor in a lot of free time so that we can take our time and allow for last minute decisions.

Yeah I am a planner too (I’m a Project Manager by trad). And I LOVE the research and the planning of trips. However I feel that with WDW there is just TOO much of it and it limits some spontaneity. No we can’t do that park because we have an ADR over here etc. I’ve planned trips abroad and I find the planning on that much less bothersome than what WDW has become. I have been to WDW too many times to count - but feel the spontaneity is being sucked out of it.

Yeh, I guess that’s the quandary that I don’t relate to - ADRs/FPs are available to aid in your planning. They aren’t requirements. So, if you don’t want to miss out on Park A, don’t make an ADR at Park B. Or if you want the trip to be spontaneous and make game-time decisions, don’t make any ADRs at all. That sounds like a challenge! Haha. I’m far too frugal with my time and money to risk spending valuable time waiting in line for a meal or an attraction so, for that reason, I’m grateful to have the option. Not to mention - when Momma’s hungry, Momma’s gotta eat! Lol. I don’t come close to this level of planning for other vacations but there are is no other place that we travel that has the crowd levels and potential wait times as WDW does.

HA agreed !! I’m frugal as well and when our MAMA is hungry - no one is happy too HA.

Hey - do you know how strict they are in cancelling Dining reservations. I know there is “cancel 24 hours” - but I think we may run into situations where we have an ADR - but something earlier opens up or opens up at another place we would like on the same day we are in the park. So we may have a 6PM reservation at Chefs d’ France - but at 5:30 an opening occurs at La Cellier - can we switch or do we get charged for “cancelling” the Chef’s reservation?

I’m not sure but I would assume that you would be charged for cancelling Chefs.

I’ve had a similar question in the past but not different restaurants. If I had a 6P at Chefs but a 5P opened up, can you just switch your ADR at 4:55? Or do they just check you off as having met your reservation despite being an hour early?

Seconding @egkleinmann’s opinion that you’d likely be charged for cancelling the reservation.

The best option for same day ADRs is to change the day of your reservation to the next day or further out and then cancel after the new confirmation. There is a new modify option on your MDE account. So if you have a 4pm ADR at The Crystal Palace today, modify it to the next available option tomorrow. Then cancel it. No charge.


ROCK!! Thanks