Bump trip up before Star Wars Land?

With expected dates of late 2019 for Star Wars Land to happen… if I have zero interest in SWL, should I consider bumping up our next trip?
Originally looking at December 2019 or Feb 2020. Now wondering if maybe I should shoot for Feb 2019 instead…
Let’s be honest… I’m just looking for excuses to make this trip happen sooner! LOL

But really, do we think it’ll have huge impacts on crowds? Low(er) crowds and pleasant temps are a must for us.

Yes, I think it will have major impacts on crowds and more namely COST. We probably will have better info on opening dates for Star Wars Land this summer at D23. The weather is a lot more predictable than the crowds so might as well go when the weather is good.

Huge huge impact on crowds!

As much as I love Star Wars, as soon as they announce an opening date I will be ensuring that I go BEFORE that date!