Bummer of a night

Well, solo trip might not be happening. My grandfather was admitted to the hospital today. He is expected to fully recover but likely won’t be off the ventilator until Wednesday (departure day). I need to make a decision tomorrow.

I’m sure Disney would refund my room, FW party & DAH tickets. Park tickets are actually for the fall trip I was going to bridge to an AP. Biggest issue is our flights which are non-refundable fares through Southwest. I am not familiar with their policies & customer service.

Time to sleep before work tomorrow (1am and just got home from the hospital). Just needed to share with someone who might understand.

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Oh my! I’m so sorry! I hope he is well soon!!

As to Southwest, they won’t refund you but they will hold the funds for you to use on another flight by the 1 year anniversary of the original purchase. They are really good

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Sorry to hear about your grandfather. Sending positive vibes for a full recovery. Southwest is usually very good about changing flights–you usually don’t get refunded but get a credit for amount paid for use on another flight for 1 year–I think you can cancel up to an hour before take off even. Did you just buy regular SW fares or were they something special?

I know it’s gonna sound weird but Inwould say, go for it. Just before my grandma pssed away, I talked to her and she was so excited by the trip that was coning up (for me). She really wanted to know. She passed just before I had to go. I went anyway and came back for the funeral. The airline was helpful.

Oh no, so sorry to hear this. I just booked a flight with Southwest and while the ticket is non-refundable, you can change it and apply the funds to another flight so perhaps your fall trip if you end up not going this week. My grandparents are in their mid 90’s and it is always my fear that something will happen with them while I am either getting ready to go on vacation or while I am on vacation. I hope he gets well soon

My grandma (this grandpa’s wife) was put on hospice the day after we got home from our last trip. Maybe Disney is cursed for us or something.

I am sorry! Any chance you can bump your trip a couple of days?

As @OBNurseNH said, you will have one year from the original date of booking to apply your travel funds with SW. No rush to decide, you can cancel day of with no fees.

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Thank you for the information about Southwest.

I can’t push the trip out to later this week due to work schedule. I could possibly reschedule to a later month, but we already have a beach trip in August & our family trip in October. For other reasons I likely can’t go after that time.

He’s not in critical condition. But as the only family member in a health care field I feel like I should be there.

I’m just not sure. He had a good night, but we will know more after his repeat procedure tonight.


oh man, I’m so sorry. I know you were looking forward to it. Maybe you can extend your October trip by a few days with just you?

Hope everything turns out ok!

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I totally spaced checking in for my flight. Did it 4 hours late. C17 yuck.

Things are looking up, so I may still go. I will decide for sure tonight.


I totally understand and am so sorry. We just found out my father is very ill. Wondering if I should cancel my September trip now. Renting DVC, so would lose some money, but some is better than all

Our family of four has had low C numbers many times and we sat together. You should be fine.

Hope your dad is doing better.

I hope grandpa is doing ok! Sending good vibes you can still go. My mom had a heart attack a few days before our one and done Disney trip. (Now we have a November trip planned, haha) she was like hell no. You are going in your trip! Luckily she got out of the hospital and we went.


Trip is on. Grandpa is doing better today & should be extubated tomorrow. Then transferring to a larger hospital for surgery.

I have to leave in 2 hours and haven’t slept yet. Oops!


Wishing you safe travels and a magical trip. I’m glad you get to go!

And since you will be bridging to an AP, take time to get some rest!!!


Safe travels! Get some rest- or st least don’t do too much on your trip!