Bum Shoulder...Rides to Watch Out For

Hey folks…I injured my shoulder recently and have difficulty when I press down or pull on it. I’m thinking about ride vehicles that I might have difficulty getting out of. One of the first ones that come to mind are the Tomorrowland Speedway cars because they are so low to the ground. Which others should I think about that require you to hoist yourself out of?

I would say any of the boats, especially IASW.


Maybe rides where you have to hold tight. Especially the ones that jostle you. BTMR, Space, Dinosaur, Everest, 7DMT. But if your only worry is getting out, I agree about the boats - LWTL, PoC, Jungle Cruise, Three Cabelleros, etc. Will you have trouble on the buses if you have to stand?

I always struggle to get into and out of 7D and Space Mountain vehicles.

I shouldn’t have trouble standing on busses…it is more that I feel the pain when I press down.

I had thought about Space Mountain…and Astro Orbiter…I wasn’t thinking about 7D, but that is something to consider too.